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"Elderly" (over 55) customers, please

Bw_logoBurns-Waring newsroom reports an interesting fact of modern UK life:

According to Abbey the over 55s have made greater financial strides during their lifetimes than any other age group.

Some 71% of those aged over 55 believe they are more astute than their parents were at the same age, while a similar number state they have a more comfortable life.

"The over 55s are the golden generation. This generation has lived through a massive uplift in quality of living, with house prices rising a large amount."

Just 40% of 25 to 34-year-olds believe they are more astute then their parents were.

Is your marketing strategy and business targeting this 'golden' group? If not, how would you target this astute, affluent, mostly happier and internet savvy  growing group of baby-boomers?



I am 57 and were it not for all my gray hair, I would look 53.

Karin H.


Show me a picture and I'll turn judge ;-)

Besides that, I've got grey hair too (just a few, but proud of it ;-)) and am only 45!

Karin H.

Mark Goodyear

Actually, this is a big issue for the Foundation where I work. Our retreat center attracts elderly people almost exclusively--parents with children have trouble finding child care, we assume.

The website I work on, however, has the opposite problem. How do we engage some of these older folks to share their wisdom in a way that younger folks will hear easily--via digital publication?

Karin H.

Hi Marcus

Is there a way you could combine both 'problems' to solve both?
Meaning: the elderly that come to the Foundation could blog/write to those who can't come but this way still receive the wisdom of their elderlies?
In turn that might help 'youngster' come more to the Foundation to meet these wisdom sharers in real life?
Just a thought ;-)

Karin H.

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