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Laurie Philp - Sparks

Laurie Philp - MagicianLaurie Philp - Speaker - Trainer - Magician - sends out a weekly 'Sparks' (I know Laurie for years now and have attended various of his workshops - talk about fun!)

This week's SPARKS I would like to share because what if you can use it indeed?

"Two words to expand your thinking.

The quality of your life is the quality of your questions.
It's strange but true that people who ask better questions have better lives.

So rather than use "why me?" "why now?"

Have an experiment and try using "what if?"

The question "what if?" is the key to opening your possibility thinking.

"What if we could do that?"
"What if there were no restrictions?"
"What if we could make it-bigger-smaller-faster?"

What if you use this idea?"

How do you think?


Stuart Baker

Hi Karin,

I like this a lot- two words, big shift in attitude and what is being attracted.

Stuart Baker

Karin H.

Hi Stuart

Isn't it just! Some great ideas are the simplest ideas.

Workshops with Laurie are also great, very interactive (i.e. work, not just hear/listen) and 'magical'. You always go away with simple, but workable ideas to improve your business or personal growth.

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