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Learned from: MZM Group writing project

Beginning of this month my friend 'Turtle Bob' started his group writing project: "What I learned from_______" (Du'oh and don't forget to fill in the blank!)

17 16 contributions ended up in the blogoshpere and we all promised to list all entries (and I'm late again!)

Here is the complete list of entries, each one finishing the phrase “What I Learned From…”

“… Teen Girl Squad”, by Markk at My Opinions Are Important

Why a seemingly funny - and cruel - animated series about teenage girls still rings true into adulthood ("What is the main thing that characterises teenage life? I would say it is it’s unplanned nature, living for the moment and not thinking much about the future; indeed, barely able to comprehend the future")

“… the Mt. Pinatubo Eruption”, by Ronald Huerca at

How a natural disaster can upturn family life - loosing belongings, but more the feeling of belonging - but can also bring independents (the hard way)

“… Drugs”, by Sam Brougher at Forest Azuaran

How strong pain-killers (legal drugs) can do very strange things to ones mind (can I just add, as some consolation Sam, that nobody is able to figure out the exact sequences of "Pulp Fiction" the first time round)

“… a Mesquite Tree”, by Mike DeWitt at Spooky Action

(This is my personal favourite) How being ruthless - although in gardening - is needed to get the clearer picture to see how and where to grow to; and how you sometimes must let things go their natural way to flourish fully.

“… Drinking Starbucks Coffee”, by George Manty at Can I Make Big Money Online

How Starbuck, by 'shortening the decision cycle', can charge more for their coffee (they are everywhere!)

“… My Wife!”, by Rajaram Sethuraman at Thoughts of a Rambler

How being married finally has turned this (IMHO) bachelor in a grumbling - hate to admit I now have to be aware of other's peculiarities  - partner (Great contribution also IMHO, one with a 'wink')

“… Having a Daughter”, by Marco Richter at FitForFreedom

Smiles, happy laughter, that's what really important, everything else is just, well everything else.

“… Norm”, by Joe Raasch at The Happy Burro

(Also one of my favourites) Again, about what is important, but from a different angle (fishing angle even)

“… my mentors”, by Karin H. at The Kiss Business Too

('nough' said)

“… Procrastinating”, by Yvonne Russell at Grow Your Writing Business

(this one is bound to make you smile - or make you feel guilty when you realise what you're really doing: procrastinating)

“… a Squirrel”, by G.L. Hoffman at What Would Dad Say

(When I read this one, after I read Mike's, I was pondering which of the two is really my favourite. This one is a very close second) A very true life-lesson learned from two little animals, and a little boy that makes you aware of that lesson (that's two lessons!)

“… Blogging”, by Gayla McCord at Mom Gadget

Why everything that is done with passion or genuine interest can start a conversation and/or money making blog. (Interesting find, this one)

“… a Weight Problem”, by Monique Attinger at Insurance Guide 101

Why 'gut'-feeling (no pun intended) in some instances - like knowing, feeling something else is the matter that is causing a problem - is as important, or even more important than 'will-power'

“… Taking Out the Garbage”, by Michael Chantrel at Mortgage Guide 101 Blog

How very mundane tasks doing committed  time after time is a great starter on those big important other commitments (and not just on mortgage repayments, Michael, I like to add. Friendships treated the same way starts with your analogy too)

“… RUMMAGING!” by William Tully at LOGICal eMOTIONs

You never know what gems, jewels are 'out there'. Never forget to look just a little better, closer, 'deeper' and they are there - waiting to be found.

“… A Light Switch”, by Robert Hruzek at Middle Zone Musings

Shared memories are more than just 'fond memories'. They teach us not to take everything - or ourselves for that matter - too seriously.

Being part of this great collection of 'lessons' has been fun, more than fan really. So, once again, thanks for 'asking' Robert.



Yvonne Russell

Great roundup. My entry is the one on What I learned from procrastination.

I loved being part of the project... and no, I'm not here because I'm procrastinating. LOL.

Karin H.

Hi Yvonne

Yours was a great one. Made me very aware of all the other things I had to do!!! but still with a smile ;-)

It was great fun indeed. Lets hope for a next one.

Karin H.



I am honored by your kind words. Thank you!


Karin H.

Hi Mike

Honour where honour is due though. Your analogy is very true (and I try to 'use' it in my life and business 'stumblings' too).

Karin H.


Thanks you for writing your own thoughts on all of the articles. It was fun participating in this project and each article posted was definitely worth the time reading (and writing) it.


One of the interesting things about this project has been reading everyone's summaries of the entries; and that apart from the entries themselves!

Well done, and well summarised!

Karin H.

Hi Marco and Markk

Enjoyed participating and reading all others too.

And indeed Markk: 'clearing-up' after the party sometimes just turns into another party ;-)

Karin H.

Robert Hruzek

Karin, it was great fun, and I think we accomplished what we set out to do: share stories, meet new folks, and learn something!

What more could you want? :-)

Thanks for joining in - my friend!


Hi (Turtle-friend) Bob

It has been great fun indeed. Thanks for inviting me to the party!

What we want more? More, more, more of course ;-)

Karin H.

Robert Hruzek

Don't worry; I'm going to make these a regular feature at the Zone - stay tuned!

And... send me ideas, too!

Karin H.

Hi Bob

Looking forward to the next project.
(And you know how I think about sending you ideas: you do the hard work, we just follow ;-)

Karin H.

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