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Progress episode 3: any one up for a test?

Oak_castle_grey_3 2 Days ago I posted our progress on dilemma about our "DIY with a Difference" project. Yesterday and today I've been working on the next step:
Converting high resolution pictures into a downloadable file. The first batch (62 in total) are on our Duoplank and Solid Floor range.

That step is now finished and the file is available for download on our FAQ blog. (Typepads new feature of pages comes in handy for this)

Now I need some (paying) volunteers who want to test the whole customer experience process for me. (The cost of the £ 1.00 fee will be refunded, just send me an email with the details).
The things I'm looking for (because I'm already 'picture and process' blind) are:

  • Does the text on the download page encourage you to download the file for £ 1.00?
  • How easy is the ordering process?
  • How long does it take for the confirmation email to arrive in your inbox (test download showed up immediately in mine)
  • Are the instructions on the Payloadz server easy to follow to make the download?
  • Which of the three files did you open first?
  • And then, of course, are the pictures sharp, bright and able to give you the best impression of all the wood-types?

All other comments are appreciated, as said before I tend to get a bit 'blind' in the end.


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