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Run off my feet, taking a break

The last few days weeks have been are very busy, so many things to do, to organise, to prepare, to write, to read.

But I'm having fun! (Still preparing the last bits for a 10 minute presentation early tomorrow morning in front 35 other businesses, almost ready). I decided to have a real coffee-break and read up on some newsletters.

Low and behold: Lee Fowler's weekly newsletter brought another gem for the Ultimate guide to Productivity I'm more than willing to follow up on (part of the article below):

The average hardworking person is already at 100% of their capacity and the jobs, tasks and responsibilities keep piling up. Realising that there will never be enough time to do everything you want to do is liberating. It means that you're now free to prioritise.

Many of us prioritise in the same way which leaves us drained of energy, frustrated and under even more pressure than we were before. That's because we so often think it's best to start with some of those little jobs to 'get them out of the way'. The problem is most of those little jobs are unfulfilling and therefore when they're completed we feel unfulfilled. If you just did loads of little tasks in the day and asked yourself at the end of the day what you achieved you wouldn't be able to easily sum it up in your mind. You'd get the feeling that you've been busy doing nothing.

A better way is to look at what needs to be done and chose something that will make you feel accomplished and do that first. Take a few minutes each day in relaxed solitude to think over what needs to be done, just for that day. Doing this will allow your subconscious to prioritise and work on insights and ideas that may save you effort and time once you get started on the day ahead. Then you have a feeling of worth that will drive you on to do another task. So at the end of the day, after working at 100% of your capacity and not getting everything done, you'll be able to look back at the day and say, 'well I got such-and-such done today.' Celebrate that achievement and you will look forward to tomorrow with enthusiasm.

(ding! magazine)

Thanks for sharing this with us Lee.

(now, where did I place my note cards for tomorrow morning?)


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