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Typepad new feature: pages

Always on the look-out to make me blogs and websites easier for readers/visitors. Yesterday I found a new feature announced on the typepad-blog: "Everything TypePad"
"Go beyond blogging with TypePad pages"

(not sure about that 'go beyond' but, hey that's marketing for you)

I've tried this new feature out on the StopStart blog (my personal ponderings) and created (finally) an index page for it as a 'new page'.

It works pretty straight-forward, didn't took me that long, all other features of typepad are available too. Plus in the Design: "select content" 'pages' has its own tick-box. Mine I placed where I had the 'categories link' before.

I am already thinking of other uses of 'pages' for this (Kiss2) blog and for our business blog (Wood You Like FAQ).
Here I'm thinking of adding a page where I can simple list books, novels and newsletter I recommend; on the FAQ blog I want to add a "leaflet and download" page for our customers/prospect to easily find (and download - have to work on that a bit more) more information about all our products and services.

Another step in the right direction?


The Make It Great! Guy - Phil Gerbyshak

I'm glad TypePad added pages finally. Makes it much easier to do things when you can have them the same look and feel. Very cool new addition.

Karin H.

Hi Phil

I find it great too and am using it on two of my blogs already. Like you say: keeps everything in style, but with another 'angle'

(Who needs a static website now? ;-) Even more 'creative' people can have a go)

Karin H.

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