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Combining, I love it!

Don't you just love it when various ideas and IT tools (or certain features of software), when combined create a better idea, or a more efficient practice?
I know I do, and (reading "Brag! The Art of Tooting your own Horn without Blowing it at the moment, so be prepared for some 'bragging' - or 'personal branding' - what's the difference? ;-)) I'm pretty good at it too.

Now, over at JibberJobber just launched a brand new feature in the JibberJobber software program "the complete Online Career Toolset": interview preparations. It's a handy, well call it notebook, you can use to jot down any "Me in 30 seconds" statements; any Power Statements and even all possible answers to questions that can be asked during a job interview (or other presentation for that matter).

Jason Alba also suggested I read the Brag book and in it is the Take 12 questionnaire to help you create brag bites and bragologues.

What tool you think I'm going to use intensely to help me with the answers?

Right in one: the new Interview Prep tool, because I'm in front of my pc most of the working day and I just can go to my account at JibberJobber to write a new "Me in 30 seconds" or "Power Statement" whenever I find an answer to one of the 12 questions (and my thoughts are very random and come and go ;-))



JibberJobber Guy

Karin, you are very clever. In fact, I think that you are the first to figure out that you can put "other stuff" in this area. I am using the 30 seconds area to put bio's of Jason Alba and JibberJobber, so when I'm asked for either one I can just login and find the various versions.

Thanks for sharing this with your readers! Note that the "category" is a premium feature, but free users can do all the rest you mention, and have unlimited entries :)

Jason Alba

Dan Schawbel

Personal Branding doesn't have to be bragging. It depends who you are and if you are that type of person it will be apparent in your Personal Brand.

Karin H.

Hi Jason

Not sure about that clever bit ;-)
(One of my strengths according to Gallups strength finders test is Maximising: combining ideas, theories and IT tools seems to be my special forte ;-) - now, there's another idea for a post!)

Your software is a great help for anyone, not just for those looking for another job. I'm still looking at it to utilise as a 'network' tool too. so, please keep up the good work over at Jibber Jobber (great name, but you know that already)

Karin H.

Karin H.

Hi Dan.

Thanks for dropping by. Have you read the Brag! book? It says exactly (and helps you with it) what you state.

We all know we should, but for many (too many I think) it is also still part of that knowing-doing gap.

Karin H.

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