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Combinations and my project


In preparation for a Dream Project I landed yesterday (lots more will follow on that project later this month, but boy, I am over the moon!) I've been rumbling around typepad again and finally got round to 'switch' on the "Allow limited HTML" (If selected, commenters will be permitted to use HTML to format their comments) feature in the comments.

So, now you can make bold statements, go Italic and if needed even underline the importance of your comments ;-)

(Had to go through all 247 comments made already to tweak all included links, if you see one I'd missed, please let me know and I'll tweak some more)

On a side-note: what was that with 22 June 2006???
Yesterday I had to sing happy blog-birthday three times ! !

Happy blog-birthday turtle friend Bob at Middle Zone Musing

Happy blog-birthday to the Jibber Jobber Guy Jason Alba

And Happy blog-birthday to Char at Essential Keystrokes

Anyone I forgot? Must have been something in the air last year!


Stuart Baker

Karin, I want to hear about the Dream Project. Sounds like Abundance is flowing!

Take good care,

Stuart Baker

Karin H.

Hi Stuart

You have to wait a little longer I'm afraid ;-) It's a dream project which 'triggers' my creativity and helping someone I care about getting closer to his goal.
But I will tell all about it possibly end of this week.

Karin H

Robert Hruzek

Hey, congratulations, Karin! And thanks for the kind birthday wishes, too!

Karin H.

Howdey Bob.

Thanks and you're welcome. (Still got that Beatles number in your head?)

Karin H


Hi Karin!

Quote: On a side-note: what was that with 22 June 2006???

That's my mom's birthday! :)

She lives two-and-a-half hours ahead of me, and I know she wakes up very early in the morning, so I set my alarm to wake up at 3 AM and and convey my greetings before anyone else (at her 5:30 AM)

And she knew it it was me... lol... the first thing she said on the phone was "Thank you sweetiepie!" ... :)

Karin H.

Hi Zakman

Thanks for telling this story. Isn't it great to 'surprise' someone on their special day!

Karin H.


hi Karin

Did you get my reply to your email?

I'm asking because it kept saying I'm sending spam... :(

Anyways I live in Bahrain, the tiny tiny island in the Persian Gulf! Everyone is extremely friendly here :) Do visit sometime!

Karin H.

Got your email all right ;-) (Didn't even end up in the spam-box, so you're 'safe')

Might do, here in the UK it's raining cats and dogs again (for a few days now - where's Summer?)

Karin H.

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