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Signs, we do need them - but...

It's life, Jim...

We all have our roll-models, hero's even.
Many years ago these were my hero's:

Mr Spock Dr 'Bones' McCoy Mr Data

Although 'fictional', their characters and mentalities taught me some basics about work, teamwork, life and humanity. And it got me interested in IT too (hey, Star Trek already invented a kind of IPhone in 1967! - so who's old-fashioned?)

Richard C, Company Doctor No more fictional roll-models, hero's for me nowadays, real persons are much more interesting. Specially when it means interactive conversations and teamwork.

After two weeks of proper teamwork - bouncing off ideas, enhancing on ideas, activating each other's strengths - it's with great pleasure (and a bit of pride) I can now announce that the "Company Doctor" Richard Calderwood web-publishing site (aka blog) is live!

I not only hope you pay Richard a visit to say hello, but also that you'll 'hang around' on his site. He taught me most I know about running and growing a profitable business and his blog is on 'how to' - it is pretty easy with the right guidance, right tools and the right attitude to implementation - closing the Knowing-Doing Gap in the most simple and effective way.
Richard C can tell you, show you much more about this.

Give him my regards ;-)


Stuart Baker

Karin, this is wonderful.

Congratulations to you and Richard. You have said so much about him over the months, and you have given back to him in a beautiful way.

Thank you for sharing him with the world, and thanks again for all you give.

Take good care,

Stuart Baker

Karin H.

Hi Stuart

Thank you for your kind words - as you always seem to do my friend.
Giving becomes easy when - as you know - you are grateful yourself from receiving so many friendly gifts. IST, remember ;-)

Karin H.

Pete Aldin

You closet trekkie you!

Karin H.

Closet? ;-)

(I won't tell you about all the sounds on my pc then - e.g. incoming emails triggers 'communicator' sound ;-)) - or what my screen-saver is all about)

Karin H.

Pete Aldin

Gotta love those little blips and bloops. My favourite sound for a while was the hologram doctor from Voyager saying "I'm a doctor; not a doorstop".

Karin H.

Hi Pete

He's great too! Also liked his 'first' (time chronological) appearance in 'First Contact' when he tried to 'delay' the Borgs talking about skin-conditions ;-)

Further to ST - how many resemblances are there between the series (TOS and TNG specially) and the 'modern' blogosphere?

Karin H.

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