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Signs, we do need them - but...

We are surrounded by signs nowadays.

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Wood You Like's stylish van. Signage by Medash Signs - AshfordWe use signs to promote our businesses. Simple, colourful signs that tells everyone who we are, what we are, where we are and who they can contact us.
Useful signs.

We use signs to enforce new regulations.
No smoking - but what if it's raining? Since 1 July this year every office, every shop, every restaurant, every pub, every public place that has four walls and a ceiling (enclosed space) must portrait this sign.
(which also means I'm getting a lot of extra fresh air now). I still think this is 'overdoing' it a bit, everyone knows about the smoking ban in public places, but the signs are everywhere, on every window of every shop.

We use signs to warn traffic for changed circumstances. After almost 30 years of one way traffic Ashford's ring road has been turned into a two-way system since last Sunday (1 July), so signs everywhere to make regular drivers of the ring road aware of the changed system.

We need signs, if we like it or not. But sometimes you have to take a step back and look at your own signs properly: does it do what it is supposed to do? Isn't contradicting, confusing instead of warning, teaching?

Beware of on coming traffic, they go first! Last Friday my partner Ton was on his way to a survey when the B-road he was travelling on  had some roadworks on it. On his side of the road. This sign was in front of the roadworks: Give way to oncoming vehicles.

There was one car in front of Ton, waiting - as 'ordered' by the sign. Past the road works on the other side of the road (oncoming traffic) there was one car: waiting.

When the driver in front of Ton decided he'd waiting long enough and drove on, Ton followed. Passing the road sign on the other side of the works he looked back: exactly the same sign: Give way to oncoming vehicles!

Have you checked all your signage lately? Any contradicting another? Any not really clear on what it is supposed to instruct, tell, and most important warn for?


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