Honoured to be included in the W-list
Keeping up with/track of comments = enhancing the conversation

Helping to create even more blogs

When I wrote my blog-baby case study (23.07.07) I mentioned how one thing leads to another:
...(plus the project has taken a turn a very unexpected way: it will be used for our trial blog-workshop next month, we might create a whole crèche or kindergarten of blogs - our, that is together with friend Lesley from ACT - and having notes on how to start will be very handy).

Blog_screenshot Yesterday Lesley and I worked a whole day preparing for the first blog-workshop: Lesley - the PowerPoint Wizard - editing the presentation Kent Blumberg so very kindly had send over to us; me designing the typepad blog our new 'adventure' will use as a platform and link-love place for all of our "students".

We think we came up with a very appropriate name for our blog:
The Blog Studio

And with regards to the W-list the 'students' joining us in the first workshop Introduction to Blogging will almost certainly add to the list: we have 4 women on board (of a total of 6 students).

Our next workshop is already filling up nicely too, 2/2 women/men - that's the way forward!


Steve Roesler

Go for it, Karin!

(But Keep It Simple).

Karin H.

Hi Steve

Oh we will! And have loads of fun too, we think.

Karin H

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