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Keeping up with/track of comments = enhancing the conversation

If you are a web-publisher/blogger like me you follow various other blogs and consequently leave comments here and there and everywhere.
Two problems with that - well, minor problems:
Remembering where you left comments and
checking if other comments are added.

I think most of us are very bizy business persons and have to spend our time practical, effective and efficient (otherwise our partners/accountant will start to grumble). But conversational bloggers also want to keep up with/track the ongoing conversation. Until recently I used co.comment to help me with this. Creating an account with co.comment and downloading the widget in your browser menu bar means that every comment box you enter your comment in has an embedded link to your account. Publish a comment and your co.comment page fills up, plus it tracks comments by others on that same post. Only thing you have to do is visit your conversations page (when you have/make time for it).

Quite handy for a while, but then the embedded co.comment tracker started to interfere frequently with publishing my comments, plus the changed lay-out (newer versions not always work out better than the 'old' version) of the "My conversations" page on my account made it not so handy any more.

Dawud Miracle had suggested another widget: co.mments. After the umpteenth time co.comment (don't get confused now) froze the whole screen again I had enough and switched to co.mments. And found it contained many more handy features!

  • if you have feedburner you can add a little widget per blogpost for others to automagically follow any comments on your post - see below.
  • you can add any conversation on any blogpost to co.mments through a little bookmark widget on your browser menu bar without it interfering with your screen or pc.
  • plus (and this is a great one IMHO) you can set up your account in such a way that you'll get email notifications when another comment is published on a post you're tracking.
    Why is this a great feature - benefit? I'm sure you have noticed that the 'busiest' conversations take place on those blogs where you can subscribe to email-notifications to be 'notified' when additions to the conversation are made. Both Liz and Dawud's blog come to mind.
    Since I still haven't found a way to create a feature like that for my typepad blogs, the co.mment email option is the best alternative for the moment. The emails aren't send the minute another comment is published, but like I said, still a proper alternative.

So, staying 'tuned' in on the many conversations you're following - perhaps even on this blog - is made a little bit simpler again.



And you're so gracious too, Karin H. :)

Karin H.

Well thank you Zakman!

I'm honoured you think that I fall in Liz's description.
But as you know and realise: so are you!

Have a good, restful and peaceful weekend my friend.

Karin H.

Dawud Miracle

I'm still using Cocomments - thought not as often these days for some reason. I'm thinking of taking another look at co.mments. We'll see. I definitely write about it if I do.

Karin H.

Hi Dawud

I'm using co.mments now for a few days, the email notifications make it very handy - simple and straight forward, just the way I like it ;-) (No need to check 'my conversation page' anymore, can now automagically follow the conversations left, right and centre)

Karin H.

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