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The blog workshop

Phew, we did it! We had fun, we learned a lot too (reason for being!) and both Lesley and I have seen 5 new blogs being born ;-)

Of course we made mistakes in our first ever Introduction to Blogging workshop yesterday, that's why we had called it our trial one. But the overall feeling we had yesterday evening was of success and pride.

6 Students (representing 5 companies) turned up very eagerly at ACT's Barn (where Lesley had just launched her own blog with the tremendous name: The 'IT' Girl). We started with Kent's presentation - thanks again friend - explored various blogs, how to search for blogs. Then we turned our attention to commenting on a blog (one of the mistakes I made during my dream-project and from which I learned, hence this approach). Every 'student' had received a homework assignment for the next part of the workshop: write in about 500 words what you think blogging can mean for you - your business, organisation, family etc.

This resulted in a very varied selection of new posts on The Blog-Studio blog. (Kent, we are going to rename you the Godfather of our workshop-blog, how wonderful kind you are to welcome everyone - through comments - into the blogosphere.)

Blog babies After lunch the afternoon was mostly spend on creating new accounts for all of them (talk about a big result!), hands-on help with configuring the account, configuring the blog and of course with the design. Some of the new blogs only have a test post, others already an 'about-page' and/or a real post.
(In the end we almost had to chase everyone home, blogging had become 'addictive' already, but not before they wrote the most glowing feedback on the experience we could have wished for.)

We will keep an eye on all of them of course, that's what you do with 'babies' ;-) and we hope to see most of our eager beaver first students back for our Advanced Blogging workshop later next month.

Word has spread around, we are now able to fill up 3 other Introduction to Blogging workshops and our first Advanced blogging workshop is starting to get in high demand too. Think we found ourselves a niche-market.

Or put differently: managed to turn another hobby into a profitable venture - for the moment I'm just after some extra pocket-money. Couldn't do this without the expertise of "The 'IT' Girl" of course.


Steve Roesler

Karin, it sounds as if you had a raging success, a lot of fun, and satisfied customers.

It doesn't get any better than that!

Who's taking care of the wood?!

Karin H.

Hi Steve

While my partner-in-blogging crime Lesley and I had fun and hopefully long-lasting 'loyal' customers, my partner-in-wood crime (and better half) Ton has been taking care of the wood ;-)
Also like to think that due to the high quality of our wood products, the wood takes care of itself ;-)

Karin H.

Stuart Baker

Hi Karin,

I have been flying under the radar lately, but congratulations on what sounds like a marvelous success on all fronts. Your wings are growing and growing! You give much, which is so key.

Take good care,

Stuart Baker

Karin H.

Hi Stuart

Long time no 'see' my friend. Hope your spreading your wings too!

Workshop is really great to do, Lesley and I both bring our own things to it, which IMHO makes it a wonderful working combination.

Karin H.

Jamie O'Connell

Hi Karin,

I attended your second Blog workshop and it was great - I am now addicted to "Blogging" and seem to spend most of my time doing Blog related tasks.

Can't wait for the "Advanced Blogshop" on 28/9!

See you soon,


Jamie O "Making Your Cash Flow"
My Blog:

Karin H.

Hi Jamie

Me and Lesley are very, very pleased you've seem to enjoyed our workshop so much you've become an unstoppable blogger!
During the advanced workshop we'll teach you - among other items - how to create a direct link in your comment so you can write:
Jamie O "Making Your Cash Flow" My blog

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