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Affiliation programs - do they work?

Our Blog-Studio blog has affiliation links to typepad.com. Reason? Both Lesley and I work with the typepad software for our own blogs and 'simple logic' dictates that we show our students how to create a blog with the software program we're most experienced with.

Reports from most of our students is that the blog program works a treat and makes it easy for them to 'launch' themselves into the blogoshpere.

Last week Hugh Hollowell (A Political Incorrect Entrepreneur) also talked about affiliate marketing and how it is starting to work for him.
Of course there are many different affiliate programs around, Google AdSence is perhaps the most known - but one I personally don't really like - too much out of your control. On one of my (former) Squidoo lenses (on wooden flooring) 'readers' were directed to competitors - not something you really want! (Well, I don't.)

During the lunch-meeting with Company Doctor Richard C last Friday we talked about auto-responders, newsletters and FREE advice (givers gain - I give out free advice, you start to trust me = start of a worthwhile and long term relationship between 'supplier' and 'client'). Always in for learning new programs I checked out the website he suggested: AWeber - email and newsletter auto-responder online software. I must say, the webtutorials on the site are great, simple and shows you how user friendly and effective the program can be.

So, for the next week I'll be working with it, adding 'widgets' and sign-up blocks to my various websites etc. High hopes ;-)

AWeber also comes with an affiliations program. I've set-up an account with it, mainly because what I have seen so far shows the owners/makers of the Aweber program are 'my-kind-of-people' when it comes to marketing mentality: building trust.

AWeber Demo


You Hate to Follow Up
Mind if we do it for you? AWeber's unlimited autoresponder follow up increases sales, lowers costs, builds lasting customer relationships, and increases your profits!
Find out how with Unlimited Autoresponders.

Stay tuned for more results, experiences etc I will report on my own progress with the auto-responder software. Plan A is to have readers sign up easier for our monthly newsletter (going out tomorrow - every first Monday of the month, this time using my 'old' program), Plan B is to create our next newsletter through the AWeber software.

Autoresponders by AWeber



I've seen dozens of sites / blogs promoting affiliate products and I think this must work if they are promoted by so many people. I've tried a few programs and made a few bucks in these tests. Some of them really are worth promoting.

Karin H.

Hi Gizmo

Which of the programs/products you've experienced work/worked best for you?
I'm just 'dipping' my feet in slightly and only 'promote' the programs I work with myself - as long as I think they worth promoting of course.

Karin H.

Zinruss Studio

Most often, the affiliate programs place an ad on your site (making you the affiliate), and you have limited control over whatever ad actually shows up on your site. However, some programs give you control over what ads show up, as well as some options over how you get paid and when. There are a number of decent affiliate programs out there; it’s just a matter of finding one that works well for you.

Karin H.

Hi Zinruss. welcome

I do indeed prefer those affiliate programs where you can control (or even make) the ads.

Karin H.

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