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Ever wondered what we do - quick guide to installing a wooden floor

Our 'break' last weekend and beginning this week was more a 'work'-break. (Not only did Ton and his nephew install a wooden floor for Ton's sister; I took 'time-off' to re-think our vision-purpose-mission for the coming years - after I was 'dismissed' as the 'not-fit-enough' fitting assistant).

This is what we - well Ton - do for a 'living':
You start with an emptied room

Empty room in Friesland with concrete underfloor

Then you fill the emptied area with as much (professional) tools as you can

Wood You Like's Professional Tools for fitting

Most important: using the correct underlayment for the underfloor your working on and making sure the first few rows are as straight as can be.

First rows of the duoplank oak floor in dining

Working together does help (and wearing  embroidered T-shirts with company name does make a professional impression - Sieger, Ton's nephew didn't want to part with it later on, so we let him keep it ;-))

Ton and Sieger as a well-oiled fitting team

The 'end-result', always nice to see (to be honest, first part of the end-result, the living room part of the open plan ground floor still had to be installed at that time)

Wood You Like's Duoplank Oak Flooring in a Friese dining room

And after a hard days work (the whole 4 hours it took to install the 35 sq m of Duoplank Oak Rustic, brushed and oiled Castle Grey) it's good to discuss the end result with the client, who happily provided some much needed beverages.

Our 'client' Carla and son Sieger admiring the finished Duoplank Oak floor

Lovely job ;-)
(The results of my own 'work'-break are a bit harder to show off, take a while longer to establish themselves and don't come with a 4-seasons guarantee also. Time will tell.)


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