Trade magazines - written for...?
Affiliation programs - do they work?

Having a 'bal'

Do you have a 'bal' ?
(Not ball, I really mean a bal - but in Dutch that does mean ball, so am I finally talking real double Dutch?)

Business Advice Library?

I have now, and it will be update continuously, because I presumable will never stop reading - three more books on their way, one came with the highest recommendation from The Company Doctor (Robert Cialdini's "Influence: Science and Practice").

Do you have a bal?



Karin, what you say is extremely important not only in Double Dutch, but plain English, too. Reading makes a difference. We know only a fraction of what we might, and we use only 3% of our brain on average. Go figure!

Karin H.

Hi Robyn

Thanks for dropping by. Re reading making a difference: as my good friend The Company Doctor would say: yes, reading is good, implementing the ideas you learn from it is even better ;-)

(and since I always - well almost always - listen to him, I'm constantly not only reading and learning, but also implementing - it keeps me busy ;-))

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