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Trade magazines - written for...?

Trade magazines, keep you up to date with news from the market you trade in, news of novelties, rewards, case-studies, new products, trade fares or exhibitions etc etc etc.
Plus every magazine is filled with many ads from appropriate suppliers, vying for your attentions and your orders.

But sometimes I do wonder for exactly whom a trade magazine is written. Last month's WLJ (Wood & Laminated Journal - publication of the CFA: Contract Flooring Association, UK) Heavy duty professional Beltsanderfeatured a survey on professional sanding, methods and best tools. Most professionals in our trade use a continuous belt-sander for the best results - very, very heavy sanding machines. Most DIY hire stores however can only supply you with a so-called drum-sander; half the weight of the belt-sander, loose sanding sheets you are supposed to fix very tightly to the drum with a metal bar. If this is not done properly (try doing that with grit 40 - rather coarse and not really pliable) the sander will leave shatter marks on the sanded floor. (Very irritating feature of shatter marks: you only notice them when you apply the new finish to the floor.)

Chatter mark Drumsander with sanding sheets The survey mentions this frequently: use proper professional sanding machines quoting various different professional hire centres, not the drum sander from the DIY hire centres. Whole paragraphs in the survey are dedicated to Chatter-free sanding.

The article that follows right after the survey: "Snag-Free Sanding" - floor sanding techniques and tips from.....one of the larger DIY hire centres. Machine used: drum - "shatter mark" - sander!

Really makes you wonder.


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