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A Birthday party, multiple again! 24.10.07

Birthdaydot_2 Liz at Successful and Outstanding blog(gers) is throwing a party!

A Party, Wednesday, October 24th! You’re Invited!!

In honour of various blog birthdays (my Kiss2 among them) the celebrations will be plentiful. What will be happening:
It’s an all-day conversation with outstanding gifts for EVERYONE.

    * Open Comments all day.
    * Flash mob commenting.
    * Photographic Party Favours.
    * Guest posts galore. (My  contribution - The Currency: Talent)

A Party! You’re Invited! C’mon! Let’s Talk and Have Some Fun!

(There’s only one rule . . . be nice.)


Steve Roesler

Hi, Karin,

Have missed our almost-daily conversations...see you there!

Karin H.

Hi Steve

See you there indeed (only for the first part of the fun - way ahead in time on the rest of you ;-))

It's good to see you on the 'change-pad' again, missed the ponder stimulating posts

Karin H.

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