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Time flies, Kiss blog 1 year old! - young I mean

Yeap, that is the real me, turning 1year old - oh so many years ago

Would you believe it! Today, exactly one year ago my Kiss Business too (No More Double Dutch in Business) was 'born'! And it seems to be a good tradition to 'celebrate' this blog-birthday. I could of course bore you to death with all the statistics I can find about the Kiss2 Blog, (153 posts, 2 pages, 351 comments, 16 trackbacks, 64 readers per day, 9878 life-time page views, 181 Technorati authority, 26,802 Technorati ranking, 437 blogpost linking to this blog, 98 fans, 12 community members on MyBlogLog) but I won't.

I'm going to use this special day to finally honour one of the meme's I'm still due on: Out of the Past - (my turtle friend Robert Hruzeck 'only' tagged my on 16 July this year - so in fact I'm also honouring our 'turtle' tradition):

"pick the ten posts that, when read, will give your readers a good feel for what you and your blog are all about".

So, without further ado and in no particular order:

  • Z-list? great another list mainly because through that list and all the stampede, commotion, opinions, pros and contras I found many new friends in the blogsphere and through those new friends even more new friends
  • Frequent readers of this blog know I read a lot and publish various book-reviews here, but the lessons learnt from "Book review - Now Discover your strengths" still resonances through my whole being. It was also the main reason to start (yet) another blog, a more personal one.
  • When I started this blog it was mainly to write about 'making being in business simple'. Businesses who make your own business life simple have my greatest admiration (and support!). Shortening the decision cycle is exactly the type of stories I like to tell.
  • Books have an important place in my life (always had and always will), I get great pleasure of discovering new ideas etc out of them. But I also love combining ideas from various books into - for me - practical better ideas, plans or systems. In June even more happened because of a certain combination I made. "Combinations and my project" relates how one thing lead to another, which lead to another ;-)
  • Writing is my second (and 'old') love. Groups-writing projects (be it under the disguise of being called just that, or a Tag or a Meme) are a very nice way to fulfil that writing 'need'. One of the first I contributed to is still my favourite: "Gotta' Get Goals"
  • I also like to 'talk' about good friends and how they helped/help me along. Another group writing project gave me a good opportunity to do so: "What I learned from my mentors"
  • According to the Gallup Strength finder I'm a learner. "To Boldly Go... learned to think bolder" became a milestone in this never ending learning process.
  • Once again, this blog tries to promote and/or report on those practises and companies that can make your business life simple. "How to confuse your clients with partnership" shows how not to go about it!
  • Coming back to reading, combining and writing: Combined Snippets 2 might sum that up pretty much. Plus it lead to a whole new fixed page (when I finally got round to it!)
  • Thought long about which post to list as entry number 10. And I can't decide between two posts: "Do-ers, thinkers and dreamers (and cats)" or "What truly great businesses (and business people) do".
    So you decide - lets turn this into a little contest between the two ;-) Just tell me which one you think reflects the Kiss Business too blog best (and why!) - I'll report back on it later.

Remains just one thing: THANK YOU ALL for this year, it's been a wonderful year!



Happy Birthday:-)

Robert Hruzek

Happy Blogaversary, Karin my friend! Many more to follow, yes?! I can't believe you've waited this long to follow this tag, but it sure makes a good time to post it in celebration.

Of course, I'm rather partial to your "What I Learned From..." post, but as for your #10, I think the latter, "What truly great businesses..." is the more profound one.

Without passion, particularly in business, then what's the point of even attempting anything, yes?

Karin H.

Hi Robert

Thank you (and as far taking so long on the meme, we're the turtles, not?)

I really like your reasons on number 10. Passion, we need that in everything!

Karin H.

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