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Marketing lesson from a f** chef

This week we watched Gordon Ramsey's 'Kitchen Nightmares' and I must admit, in between the f**-words I do admire his knowledge, passion and drive for good quality.

Gordon's programs are not for the faint-hearted, IMHO he branded the f** word (now there's a feat!), and I think he should consider writing marketing books instead of cook-books ;-). His advice, delivered with passion, drive and based on experience is straight forward and simple - time after time.

This week's (repeat) program showed a 'traditional pub' owned and run by an elderly couple, where the menu was filled with, well lets just say, dishes you wouldn't really expect in a traditional pub. Tables were 'dressed-up' as if the Queen herself was coming to dine.

Earnings were down, employees 'drive' even more.

Comment by Gordon:

"If you're stating you're a f** traditional pug, start behaving like a f** traditional pub! Don't confuse your clients with posh dishes.
If you want to serve f** posh dishes, open a f** posh restaurant!"

Or in other words: know your target market and be consistent in providing your target market with those products and services your target market expects from you.

Gordon and the passionate employees turned the traditional pub around in one week. The pub is now famous for its traditional gravy instead of its posh dishes.

The marketing lesson from Gordon is simple, so..... (drum roll, please) I decided to award him the first:

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Robert Craven

Yep - a great programme - I even watched the repeat!

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