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Tell me....

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”
Benjamin Franklin

True then, even more true now in this Information Age.

Today every possible piece of information is stored somewhere on the 'net', available to anyone. Websites, Wikipedia's, specialised blogs, forums on every subject. Information aplenty. So we all would know more, wouldn't we? It's all out there.

Need to install a wooden floor? Our own simple article "How to install a wooden floor, keep it simple.." is the most read post on our FAQ & News site (234 out of the last 800 page loads).

Funnily enough it's also the post that attracts the most 'comments' (from 12 different persons so far) i.e. 'online' requests for more information on this simple subject, based on their own specific circumstances.

This makes your wonder. I know personally that all the information on their specific needs with installing a wooden floor is available on-line. So why didn't those 12 search further until they found the information themselves? Now they had to type in their question (had to think about the wording to make the problem - pain - as clear as possible), had to wait until we received notification of 'new comment posted', we had read the question and we had found time to hopefully answer them adequately.

That's a 'powerful' position to be in: 12 different persons searching the world-wide-web filled with free and instant available information willing to wait until the 'expert' has time (and willingness) to answer. And that's just on one specific small item in the field of our 'expertise', of our knowledge.

Information is free, knowledge is valuable. Aren't we all more than willing to hand over something (be it  - waiting - time, email address, name and number, money) if someone else turns all the free information into knowledge for us?

But is that possible nowadays? Turning your knowledge into 'paid-for' information? Isn't the world-wide-web based on 'free' information? And isn't the only way you can 'make money from the web' by filling your website/blog with AdSense?

Read the 'Teaching Sells' Free Report to understand why free information is rather passée.

Teaching Sells Free Report

I've enrolled in the Teaching Sells course and am learning a lot in a very interactive way. Some of you know of my 'learning - maximising' strength and this course is turning my already over active mind even more into overdrive!

Stay tuned!


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