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Change IS very interesting

End of September Steve Roesler (specializing in communication training and development with an emphasis on improving systems, relationships, and large-scale change) at All Things Workplace - teaching smart people practical ways to become extraordinary - started a 'short' series on

Making Changes, Leading Changes, and Changing Change

In his first article (published on 25 September 2007) Steve asks the question why change is so very interesting?

"You and I are making, leading, or responding to changes every day. What we really need to know is:

What is the healthiest, most effective way to address the changes in our lives?

So that's the real focus of this series. I'll keep it practical and applicable to life and life in the workplace"

Yesterday Steve published article 27 in the series:  Change, what are your resources? and more will follow shortly.

How can a 'short' series on change last over 3 months and turn into a very interesting, thought provoking journey where the 'change' not only happens in the posts, but frequently in the comment-box too?
Because change is so very interesting! Steve originally planned to publish 6 to 8 articles on the subject, but as said above, thoughts, ideas, opinions in the comment-box changed the series on change.

Changes, process, logic and emotions And, of course, change - changes always happen. Not just in business, but in life too, almost everyday. And how we react, adept to and sometimes even grow from change is what makes life, living and running a business so very interesting. You can't just change the way a business, department, policy works without changing the 'by-standers'. Nor can bystanders change without changing the business, department, policy.

It is an intriguing journey Steve has taken us on and the end isn't near yet (fortunately!) At least two guest-posts will be published this week by Peter Vadja of SpiritHeart about the very issue of how change changes persons and businesses and vice-versa.

Why not join this very interesting journey yourself? It might change you and your business.

(Quite interesting little fact I read on Steve's About page makes it clear why the short series has changed to this 'epic' journey:

"Most of my engagements turn into long-time relationships although they start as a single project.")


Steve Roesler

Hmmm...you are a good detective, Karin.

I hadn't thought of that "long-term" connection. It does appear as if the real-life relationships are mirrored here in the virtual world.

Thanks so much for adding to the body of comments that keep this topic active and interesting; and for the very kind post today.

Karin H.

Hi Steve

I am enjoying the series very much, always up for learning/pondering more on this never-ending subject.
Changes are all around us if we like it or not and getting to grips with how to implement them best is more than just effective for a business, it is personal too.

Karin H.

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