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Team work: team building outside your company

Label5th (Oops, a month ago I wrote: 2007, where has it gone? I could say the same of January 2008: where has it gone?!? and excuses for the silence on this blog: I've been rather business busy ;-))

In 2006 73% of UK businesses employed just 1 or 2 employees, most times the 'hands-on' (jack of all trades) director - directors (or sole-trader and partner). Accounting, logistics, marketing, sales, operations, deliveries, customer care, debt collecting, networking etc etc etc. All tasks, jobs any normal business has to tackle. All tasks, jobs in 73% of UK businesses done by the 1 or two employees.

Now, some of these tasks can be outsourced of course. Then the question is always: will the company that handles the outsourced task represent you in same the way you would represent your company. Comparability and consistency.
Also, outsourcing on a part-time or full-time or even project time base? Cash-flow (and once again: consistency).

Or, a method I prefer, you can build a dedicated team around you. A team that consists of team members who know you and your company and the other team members; team members who are a star in their own field - or fields; team members who help you build your company stronger in a consistent way. Team members who have their own business but who will regard you as the team-leader.

You can't build a team like that on an ad-hoc base and, like with any internal team, it takes time to find, source the correct and compatible team members. Not only do they have to get along with you, the team leader, but also with the other members.

Acorn1_2 Tomorrow, on our FAQ & News site a terrific sample of outside team work will appear. The title is very appropriate too: From little Acorns.....
(small ideas are little acorns, not? And when little ideas are fed with nutritious input and cared for gently but firmly they grow into the most wonderful results, products.)

More on this specific team work, the specific team members and their tremendous input in another post. It's back to the long 'still-to-do-list' for me at the moment.




I appreciate your post on team building, as without a team that know clearly what they are supposed to do and actually do it within the appointed time, then as business owners we can easily spend as much time checking the work as could be used doing it ourselves.

It reminds me that there is a simple course I came across that teaches how to set up fool proof systems like what you are talking about. It's here if your interested. It's not my product.

Good luck and best wishes to you for 2008

Karin H.

Hi Lewis

That's most times the biggest problem: delegating and then 'wasting' time checking on every detail (and not to mention giving the others a feeling of not being trusted to do the task correctly)

Knowing the strong points of your team members (in or outside your company) must also mean knowing they will not let you down and bring you the desired - requested results. Or better ;-)

Happy New Year to you too

Karin H.


Good collection of articles here........

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