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My last post mentioned the effect two small changes in the 'submit your details' had on the average numbers of subscribers to our newsletter (and happy to say: still on 1 new reader per day!).

We all know the standard 'webform' on so many websites and/or blogs to submit your name and email address to subscribe or to receive more information, perhaps you're using it yourself.

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(from our Wood You Like's FAQ & News blog)

AWeber (affiliate) can do much, much more for you - as I found out recently.

Looking for a simpler way for our prospects to contact us in such a way we could start a proper conversation (and keep them informed about our products and services in one go) I first tried to 'send them' to a feature on our new webshop: Request more information. But the amount of information a prospect has to fill in straight away just to ask the simplest of questions I myself would find too much of an effort.

If you are familiar with the AWeber software (if not, I strongly recommend you subscribe to a "test drive" - see below for link) you have recognised the way the above 'webform' is created. In the List Settings - Webform tab you create your own text to explain what the sumbitter will receive, add name and email field, edit the text in the submit button and presto: html coding ready for you to add to your website or blog. Simple.

But if you click on the 'pencil' in the field you added to your webform it opens a whole new  world of options:


From choosing the type this specific field should be: radio-buttons, drop-down list, check box or even text area to making it a required field you can create your own survey form.

Why not have a first look on Wood You Like's "Ask our professional advice" page to see how it can work.

And it does work! Since implementing it on our website last weekend we already received five questions, which gives us the opportunity to answer the query very specific - tailor made in fact due to the information we received from the form, start a continues conversation with our new prospect and keep in monthly contact with them through our newsletter.

How much more fun can webmarketing become?
(Well, I know - but that's for a later post, am still working on the finishing touches on another even more elaborate webform)

AWeber Demo


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karl Staib - Your Work Happiness Matters

Making a form as easy as possible is vital to getting the information that you want. I'm going to check into Aweber. Thanks!

Karin H.

Hi Karl, welcome.

It is vital and AWeber makes it very simple to do just that.
(p.s. like your 'writers' name: Work Happy Guru ;-))

Karin H.

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