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Synchronicity - a known factor in the blogosphere.
Over at Successful Blog, Liz Strauss just asked the question: " We meet many people at conventions and networking events, what sort of “hello” makes a person memorable to you?" and answers as follows: those totally present in the conversation.

That Q&A and various 'business' conversations I had today, the whole new year in fact, made me realise that like with marketing and other business concerns there is a 'change' in Business Conversations. Or at least, I see a change - could be just me.

I left the following comment on Liz's post: " I prefer the ones who are looking for a conversation and try to avoid those looking for a ’sale’."
It's not just during conventions or network events that looking for the conversation and not for the sale is IMHO the new way to be in business. Nor does it have to be a face-to-face conversation. Here is where the synchronicity comes in the picture: after leaving the comment on Liz's blog I received an email from a business contact. I've never met him in a face-to-face meeting, always only by email or - rarely - by phone. He even lives and works in another country than me. But I like to do business with him - because as so often the email carried a little personal note too.

Or the phone call I had yesterday evening with a new prospect, before and after the real 'business enquiry' there was - from both sides - a personal conversation. This was a call from Scotland - up North, we're in Kent - down South. The conversation continued this morning in the same way: conversation 'laced' with some business items.

Or the emails we seem to be receiving rather frequently lately from prospects who have been to visit us in our little showroom. A simple email, thanking us for the information we'd provided and the welcome reception we'd given them.

Don't know, perhaps I'm just rambling - but I can't get away from the warm feeling that personality has found its way back into doing business - the person, not the sale, is the most valued asset. Turning conversations in the best tool for sustainable growth - business and personal wise.
The best tool, because although the media is still trying to sell everyone a recession and overall consumer spending seems to be getting down, our business is doing great.



When calling people about sales (Lingerie) we use the phrase, "Do you have 30 to 50 seconds to talk". This keeps us memorable and generally throws people off and opens them into a conversation.

Karin H.

Hi Babydolls, welcome

That's a very nice and worthwhile way to start a conversation: leaving the decision with your prospect. And I'm sure that is appreciate and hence successful!

Karin H.

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