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Marketing genius Paul Gorman just got back from holiday. His latest post on LeaveThemInTheDust relates a wonderful true story how the business and life principle of Givers Gain comes up trump every single time:

Two restaurants: one rich, one poor.

A simple story about two different restaurants in the area where he has been on holiday makes powerful reading, and for those still wavering about the idea of givers gain should take the lesson to heart - it is sure to make you 'profit' one way or the other and feel good about it too.

At Wood You like our hedgehog concept is based on the Givers Gain Principle and just ask our modern account how well that works for us, short term and especially long term.

Paul_gormans_book And Paul, at the off chance you're reading this little post on the KissBusiness blog yourself - when is your excellent book:

How to Out-sell, Out-market, Out-promote, Out-advertise, Everyone Else You Compete Against, Before They Even Know What Hit Them

available again? At the moment I've got hold of my neighbour's copy she (Nicole Kofman - Dutch like me - of Smartaupairs) kindly let my borrow - but I rather have my own brand new copy for keeps!

(And I'm sure you can find your way back to the lovely village of Charing ;-), which by the way seems to be taken over by Dutch entrepreneurs - all of the female kind!)



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