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Rapid Accounting - as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4

As (Dutch) qualified bookkeeper 'doing-the-books' is almost second nature to me and I really took time to select that accounting package that does everything I want it to do (and preferably more). For that reason I recently switched from my trusted and reliable MYOB software to Mamut Enterprice (which integrates Customer Relationship Management, Accounting, Webshop, Sales & Purchasing and more into one simple system).

But that's me - facts, figures and statistics 'nut' (or 'freak' as my partner regularly compliments me), 99 out of the 100 small business, self-employed traders or service providers will be more than happy with a less complicated, user-friendly simple piece of software that replaces the 'old-fashioned' pencil and paper cash-book, saving time and money.

And time and money are the two main things you as a starting business, a small business owner or self-employed trader can't have enough of for doing the normal day-to-day work, be it on the job or sourcing new clients. But your accountant, the Inland Revenue and for some the 'VAT-man' come knocking at least once a year to see and check the results of your normal day-to-day work.
(Side-note: if you have an accountant that really only comes knocking once a year, find another one immediately - a modern accountant should not only concern him/her self with your financial annual result, he/she should actively be involved as business consultant or advisor to help you grow your business any which way he/she can!)

Our own modern accountant has, on request of many of his clients, designed the Rapid Cash Accounting Package - as simple as 1, 2, 3, 4.

It works like any other ledger-system (cash-book): every line contains the 4 W's of every transaction:

  • Money coming in:
  • Who's paid you money (clients name)
  • When did he/she pay you money (date of payment)
  • Where was the money paid into (cash, bank, card)
  • Why was it paid (product or service sold)
  • Money going out:
  • Who did you pay (suppliers name)
  • When did you pay
  • Where was the money paid from (cash, bank, card)
  • Why was it paid (product or service bought)

But with the Rapid Cash Accounting Package that's all you have to do! Fill in the 4 W's per transaction and the program does the rest. It calculates the totals of every column, from bank balance to income or cost category after every transaction.  And at the end of every month it transfers your bank, cash and card balance automagically to the next one - plus at any moment in time you can check your year-to-date results.
Once again: all you have to do is fill in the 4 W's per transaction - as simple as 1, 2, 3, 4.

Watch the video below to see how easy the program is:

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The revised 2008 version is now available for instant download (this RCAP page contains much more information on the program) and as a very special re-launch offer the first 25 purchasers of the revised program only pay £ 17.95

= a whole £ 50.00 discount on the normal price of £ 67.95

My (volunteer) life as treasure of the BNI-Ashford chapter was made very easy with an earlier version of the program, the revised 2008 version is updated with even more benefits for the user.
So hurry before the special re-launch offer runs out - and to be honest even £ 67,95 for a program like this is worth every penny of it.

Kissawardbutton1_3 It deserves a K.I.S.S.-award!


Steve Roesler

Hi, Karin,

As I prepare to go to the Accountant tomorrow after multiple phone calls and emails to get an appointment, I realize after reading your post that what I have been feeling for some time needs to happen.

Thanks for the motivation.

Karin H.

Hi Steve

Oh well, anything to help ;-)
I do hope your accountant doesn't wait until you come knocking in his door? That's one of the other 'Rapid Accounting' benefits my modern accountant give us - he keeps a 'finger on our pulse' ;-)

Karin H.

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