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Jazz break

Like last year, we're off back 'home' - our hometown Bergen op Zoom in The Netherlands that is - for our annual short Jazz weekend break.

Hope the weather there is a bit better than here, but we'll take umbrellas, sweaters and wellies with us anyway just to be sure ;-)

See you next week.



Brilliant! I hope you have a great time! I like jazz and play trombone, trumpet, clarinet, sax, piano, guitar and bass, and tuba...not all at the same time of course! I would love to join a jazz band that travelled around the world playing in these kind of festivals! :)

Karin H.

Hi zowoco, welcome

We did have a wonderful time, heard loads of different style jazz. If you ever have the opportunity to visit Bergen Op Zoom during the annual jazz weekend, who knows, some bands might let you have a try.

Karin H

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