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Mamut and MYOB - when 1 plus 1 makes 3

As (Dutch) qualified bookkeeper most of you know I'm one of those persons who gets excited over accounting programs - I know, weird to say the least.

When we moved to the UK - today exactly 8 years ago! - I had the 'pleasurable' task to select an accounting program that complied with English accounting rules and regulations but that also would make our 'foreign' business life simple. Well, that took care of SAGE - makes bookkeeping and especially reporting the facts and figures harder, not simpler.

I opted for MYOB and have never regretted it. Great software, great service.

Until our business needed a Customer Relationship Management System and I was introduced to Mamut CRM & Sales. Great software, great service.

It soon became apparent to me that adding the accounting module of Mamut would make my life even easier. My personal Support Manager advised me to opt for the Mamut Enterprise solution to benefit from even more modules and so came the time - January this year - to say a heartfelt farewell to my loyal and trusted MYOB accounting program.

Today I received the news - straight in my inbox from Alan Moody, the Managing Director of Mamut UK  personal! - that Mamut has purchased the UK and Ireland Business Division of MYOB.

The 'marriage' of two of my favourite, loyal and trusted accounting and marketing programs - who can ask for more?



Yes I know, only a weird bookkeeping nerd like me would get excited about this news, but I know what this can mean to many other small and medium businesses in the UK - user friendly and effective software for a very reasonable price with a proven track record of great customer service. Multi functional software that gives every user a big advantage over their competitors who are still 'stuck' on or with SAGE.


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