Common human reaction or common sense?
Target: to have one million business owners subscribed

My website has what?

All of my websites (own and the few I've made for others) and my blogs (7 and counting) have webtracking (invisible) codes in them. We all want to see the results of our hard, creative work - don't we?

But here comes the big question: My website/blog has statistics... now what?
Knowing how many visitors you manage to attract is one thing - and you might think the more the better - but do these visitors more than just 'visiting' your site? Isn't it everyones purpose of a web-presence to somehow turn these visitors into paying clients? But are you?

The answer is now available with Ed Rivis' newest product: Stat Faceslap

Ed Rivis has proven himself to be a 'genius' on everything webmarketing related, I've bought (or got for free!) many of his other products too and am sure this new and IMHO unique home-study program has the same ROI as all his other products have.


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