My website has what?
Supplier or communicator?

Target: to have one million business owners subscribed

Don't get me wrong here: it is not my target, heavens no.

It's the target Paul Gorman and Ed Rivis have set themselves beginning last month. In my post of 4 May: Passionate about Givers-Gain I mentioned their joined project: The Copy-Writers-Gang - Paul's secrets on superb and profitable copy-writing.

Instead of charging the full £ 2.500 it is worth they are giving it away for FREE. For every business owner/marketing manager to use freely, to implement and to profit from. Because there still isn't such a thing as a free lunch - you have to do the ultimate work yourself - Paul is 'only!' teaching you - from his own 27 years of experience - how to do it better than your competitors.

Their goal is to have this program (16 hours of interviews) subscribed to free, studied and applied by one million business owners in the next 12 months. And you would be a fool not to take them up on this magnificent offer.

Your journey starts here: "Ed Rivis Gets a Severe Verbal Kicking" (copywriting beat-um up). Listen and learn and don't forget to subscribe straight-away for the rest of the journey.


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