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Extra-ordinairy tool to make working/writing life simpler - again

In his latest blog post Ed Rivis pointed me - as he does frequently - to a software tool extra-ordinary: ScreenSteps. If you need a simple but multifunctional tool to write and/or structure instructions, chapters for stories or articles, training courses, manuals etc ScreenSteps is your program.


I've come to trust his recommendations and followed the link he provided.


Of course I downloaded the Free trial, installed the software and......

Found out very quickly I (make that Ed) struck gold! It simple 'dictates' you to take logical steps in writing/structuring your document, your lesson, your instructions and with the 'in-house' image capture tool life becomes so much easier.

Limitless possibilities but one of the best features I've discovered is the Export options:


This specific blog post is written with ScreenSteps and it took me only 3 minutes to write text, capture images, spell check and upload it to this blog! (As a genuine article/post - didn't need to change/add/edit anything at all - done automagically by ScreenSteps!)

ScreenSteps - Documentation Done Right

A million thanks to Ed again and watch this space (and my new blog at 1plus1makes3) for more! !


Steve Roesler

Hello, Karin,

Wow!. Thank you for this particular recommendation. I've been looking for something just like this to take the guesswork out of structuring documentation myself.

One more way to Keep It Simple. . .

Karin H.

You're more than welcome Steve.

It is helping me tremendously too with some new 1 plus 1 makes 3 projects. Manuals for online training, manuals for my 'web-design' clients.
Handy, user friendly, straight forward and of course: very simple!

Karin H.

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