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Why rank me if you can't make up your mind?

Many, if not most bloggers seem to love counters, rankings to, well lets call it 'show-off - impress the world - feel good about what they write and have established. Nothing wrong with that, just look at the feedburner counter I use to show the number of regular readers this blog has and I'm darn proud of that rising number.

Now, I'm not one to put high value on rankings - ahem, what about that feedburner counter then, I hear you ask - but I do put high value on consistency.

This is how Technorati - among bloggers the place to find out who's who in the blogosphere - ranked the Kiss Business blog today:

Kiss2 ranked on authority 45Authority 45

No wait, Kiss2 has an authority of 94Authority 94, ranked: 68,490

Or has the Kiss2 blog a much higher authority of 181?Authority 181, ranked: 28,947

What is this doing to Technorati's credibility of 'the place' to find out who's who in the blogsphere? Who's or which blog best to read or to trust on various subjects? It appears to depend on which page on Technorati you're looking at that moment. Not very consistent.

No consistency is lost credibility. Credibility is a fickle thing, not? It can take years to build up and just a few seconds to lose.

Turning info into knowledge

Many of the regular Kiss2 readers know I'm a kinda 'idolater' of AWeber (aff) since we started using it for our own (Wood You Like's) email marketing last November.

Over the months I've discovered many tips, tricks and handy features in and from the program. So many really I've done two things with it:

  1. Created blog number 7: 1 plus 1 makes 3, where combined expertise gives you triple value
  2. Am putting a home-study course on AWeber together.

(Not a real surprise for those Kiss2 readers who popped in their name and email address in the blog-alert webform in the right top corner of this blog - and received the E-book version of my debut business novel "The Kiss Business" for free as a thank you. Through an AWeber broadcast I've already notified them of the progress on this.)

On the 1 plus 1 makes 3 blog I've just posted the announcement of a trailer I've put together on the guide. Have a look and I'm eagerly awaiting your feedback.


Liz Strauss over at Successful Blog is asking for 25 words. Just 25 words of wisdom on something you see too much or too little of.

Here are mine - based on my irritation with businesses/companies not bothering to answer requests for information/quotes within normal expected time (2 - 3 days? at least tell me you received my question!) or ignoring the request completely - don't they want business?

Is speed of the essence
when requests are made?
My time or your time
what's more pressing?
Honest answers timely given:
great start in relationships

Karin H (Keep It Simple Sweetheart, specially in business)

Extra-ordinairy tool to make working/writing life simpler - again

In his latest blog post Ed Rivis pointed me - as he does frequently - to a software tool extra-ordinary: ScreenSteps. If you need a simple but multifunctional tool to write and/or structure instructions, chapters for stories or articles, training courses, manuals etc ScreenSteps is your program.


I've come to trust his recommendations and followed the link he provided.


Of course I downloaded the Free trial, installed the software and......

Found out very quickly I (make that Ed) struck gold! It simple 'dictates' you to take logical steps in writing/structuring your document, your lesson, your instructions and with the 'in-house' image capture tool life becomes so much easier.

Limitless possibilities but one of the best features I've discovered is the Export options:


This specific blog post is written with ScreenSteps and it took me only 3 minutes to write text, capture images, spell check and upload it to this blog! (As a genuine article/post - didn't need to change/add/edit anything at all - done automagically by ScreenSteps!)

ScreenSteps - Documentation Done Right

A million thanks to Ed again and watch this space (and my new blog at 1plus1makes3) for more! !

When the going gets tough....

.... we stick to our hedgehog concept and keep going.

Hedgehog concept: keep doing what you do best.

Drew McLellan reminded his readers this week that we only have 6 months left, or in other words: 2008 is already half gone (wished he hadn't reminded me of that!). How are your marketing plans shaping up, he asked too - if you have any.

Reflecting on the first 6 months of this year we can only conclude it is tough out there now! But, especially in our marketing plans and implementations, we keep true to our hedgehog concept that has proven its worth last year and which will prove itself this year too. (If in ain't broke, don't fix it!)

So, positive facts on our concept:

  • We published our 100th's article on the FAQ & News site (aka blog) yesterday - keeping true to our aim to inform/educate wooden flooring lovers on all matters related to this beautiful floor covering.
  • This 100th's article happened to be the announcement of being granted our own unique FSC-UK ID-code for retailers - keeping true to our aim to provide quality products in the most eco-friendly way (and of course sets us a notch above most other retailers)
  • Every single day this month (5 days in) we received small orders through our webshops, 80% of these clients had requested leaflets from our website or had questions answered through our question webform before - proving that giving free information, personalised if needed, without any obligations builds up trust and ends profitable.
  • Last and this week we have seen an amazing increase in requests for many of our free leaflets and guides. Specially our "11 Key Questions check list when shopping for wooden flooring - anywhere" - launched only two weeks ago - seems immensely popular. Again, true to our aim to inform and educate prospects about quality products, quality standards and quality customer care.
  • Coming Monday our newest Monthly Newsletter, through AWeber (aff), will be emailed out to a staggering 400 readers: an amazing increase - again - of 10% on last month. We started with 180 opt-in readers last November when we switched to AWeber and we have hardly seen any unsubscribers (14 in total and all gave us a positive thumbs up but no longer had use for our information or products) - true to our concept of learning about and implementing ethical marketing tools.
  • One of the items in our new newsletter (in a new design too) will be an invitation to our readers to fill in an online questionnaire: 10 simple multiple choice questions to find out if adding wooden flooring to their home will increase the value of their property too - like it does in many cases, according to a recent survey among Estate Agents.
    Once they submit their answers, like magic our free report - strictly based on their specific answers - will  land in their inbox immediately. (More about this 'magical Super Surv' on a later date). Again, a combination of informing and educating with learning and implementing marketing tools - both in an ethical way.

Hedgehogcartoon It could be tough out there now, but so is our hedgehog concept: tough and robust.

What's yours? Will it help you survive these tougher times?

I got something to tell you
I got something to say
I'm gonna put this dream in motion
Never let nothing stand in my way
When the going gets touch
The tough get going

(Billy Ocean)

(BTW, this is - coincidently - the 200th's post on the Kiss2: "Keep It Simple Sweetheart, specially in business" blog - another positive milestone.)


Who's the best??

Yesterday I was watching one of my favourite TV-series (ST-TNG), which is interrupted every 15 minutes by ads. Now I like watching ads to be honest - purely for marketing reasons.

First ad in first ad-break: like in 2007, the best car insurance comparison site of 2008! it proudly announced.

Promptly followed by ad number 2: the best car insurance comparison site of 2008! it too proudly announced.

Now I'm really confused (dot com).