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Liz Strauss over at Successful Blog is asking for 25 words. Just 25 words of wisdom on something you see too much or too little of.

Here are mine - based on my irritation with businesses/companies not bothering to answer requests for information/quotes within normal expected time (2 - 3 days? at least tell me you received my question!) or ignoring the request completely - don't they want business?

Is speed of the essence
when requests are made?
My time or your time
what's more pressing?
Honest answers timely given:
great start in relationships

Karin H (Keep It Simple Sweetheart, specially in business)


Ricardo Bueno

If only businesses showed us a little more connection...and interest in wanting to build a relationship. Like you said, "Honest answers timely given: great start in relationships" -- Karin H.

I didn't get to write my 25 words for Liz's challenge, but I enjoyed reading yours and many others across the blog-o-sphere. I think we could all work on saying more in fewer words.

Karin H.

Hi Ricardo

WE are constantly amazed at the 'lack' of even showing willingness to connect by some businesses (small and large). As if they don't want the business, because it's too much hassle to take an interest ;-)

Karin H.

Peter Knight

Good! I did a last minute "25 Words" ... on last minute work.

But just today I've been struggling with a bank (one of the world's most well organized and respectable) over an account application: delayed over two weeks (my time, not theirs) because junior employees can't listen when one supplies information, and then 'check' the wrong parts of their own data forms.

So to speed, I'd add accuracy - of essence when requests are made.


Karin H.

Hi Peter

Banks! Well, most times our business bank manager is rather good - but the minute you'll have to deal with another 'department' things can go horribly wrong and slow!
(Wrote a post about that too, last year: how to confuse your clients)

You're right about accuracy - it's a part of the honest answer ;-)

Karin H.

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