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Turning info into knowledge

Many of the regular Kiss2 readers know I'm a kinda 'idolater' of AWeber (aff) since we started using it for our own (Wood You Like's) email marketing last November.

Over the months I've discovered many tips, tricks and handy features in and from the program. So many really I've done two things with it:

  1. Created blog number 7: 1 plus 1 makes 3, where combined expertise gives you triple value
  2. Am putting a home-study course on AWeber together.

(Not a real surprise for those Kiss2 readers who popped in their name and email address in the blog-alert webform in the right top corner of this blog - and received the E-book version of my debut business novel "The Kiss Business" for free as a thank you. Through an AWeber broadcast I've already notified them of the progress on this.)

On the 1 plus 1 makes 3 blog I've just posted the announcement of a trailer I've put together on the guide. Have a look and I'm eagerly awaiting your feedback.


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