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When the going gets tough....

Who's the best??

Yesterday I was watching one of my favourite TV-series (ST-TNG), which is interrupted every 15 minutes by ads. Now I like watching ads to be honest - purely for marketing reasons.

First ad in first ad-break: like in 2007, the best car insurance comparison site of 2008! it proudly announced.

Promptly followed by ad number 2: the best car insurance comparison site of 2008! it too proudly announced.

Now I'm really confused (dot com).


Robert Hruzek

Well Karen, the good news is - is available! :-D

Karin H.

LOL Robert.

The (UK) joke is that is one of the most known price comparison site.
But nonetheless:
A) I've got more than enough domain names to my name at the moment ;-)
B) I always stick with my insurance broker: he compares best ;-)

Karin H


How about we setup, there we can compare which comparison site is the best one, and then we can advertise ourselves as "The Mother of all Comparison Sites! - the best such site (or in fact the only such site) of 2008!"

Karin H.

Hi Shuaib

That's what I was thinking too a while ago: who compares the comparisons sites!
(But if we get copied then you'll have to created another one: comparing the comparing comparisons sites ;-))

I still think though, that specially with insurances the 'best deals' are not always the cheapest: does these site compare the cover or price? I.E. value for money.
One of the reasons I stick with my insurance agent: he knows what we want/need and makes sure we've got the best deal.

Karin H

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