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Meta tags: for google ranking or for prospects?

Why rank me if you can't make up your mind?

Many, if not most bloggers seem to love counters, rankings to, well lets call it 'show-off - impress the world - feel good about what they write and have established. Nothing wrong with that, just look at the feedburner counter I use to show the number of regular readers this blog has and I'm darn proud of that rising number.

Now, I'm not one to put high value on rankings - ahem, what about that feedburner counter then, I hear you ask - but I do put high value on consistency.

This is how Technorati - among bloggers the place to find out who's who in the blogosphere - ranked the Kiss Business blog today:

Kiss2 ranked on authority 45Authority 45

No wait, Kiss2 has an authority of 94Authority 94, ranked: 68,490

Or has the Kiss2 blog a much higher authority of 181?Authority 181, ranked: 28,947

What is this doing to Technorati's credibility of 'the place' to find out who's who in the blogsphere? Who's or which blog best to read or to trust on various subjects? It appears to depend on which page on Technorati you're looking at that moment. Not very consistent.

No consistency is lost credibility. Credibility is a fickle thing, not? It can take years to build up and just a few seconds to lose.


Richard McLaughlin

I am one of those who pays avid attention to the numbers. Stumbled.

Karin H.

Hi Richard

And I'm sure you're not the only avid one (guilty, guilty, guilty too, but then more on the results I can see in my Statcounter account).
But ranking loses its value when there's no consistency, isn't it? No meaning at all.

Thanks for the stumble!

Karin H

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