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UPAG update

In suspense!

"Now, I'm not one to put high value on rankings - ahem, what about that feedburner counter then, I hear you ask - but I do put high value on consistency."

99readers_2 That's what I wrote end of last month, but at the moment the suspense is rather high: when will it reach that milestone 100 for the first time? Today, tomorrow, next week?

Edited two hours later:

100readers_2 Well, that didn't take long!
(And I'm sure the Stumble from Richard McLauglin helped - a bit ;-))


Robert Hruzek

There's something heady about the moment you first see 3 digits in the chiclet, isn't there? Congratulations, Karin! I'm one of 'em!

Karin H.

Hi Robert

Of course you're one of them! One of the first when it only showed 1 digit I think!
And yes, it is exhilarating in a strange (even childish?) way! But then, we're all 'big children' anyway.

Karin H.

Rick Grant

Congratulations. You have a good niche and if you continue to provide us great content, I'm sure you'll be at 4 digits before you know it. Keep up the great work!


Karin H.

Cheers for this Rick

(I'm getting all flustered now by these complimenting comments)

Karin H


Karin: CONGRATULATIONS!!! 100 really is a milestone :-P It's nice to see something that you worked so hard on pay off...(people are reading, people are short, it's a pretty awesome feeling I'm sure!).

Karin H.

Hi Ribeezie

It is indeed a milestone and one I'm still rather in awe off ;-)
Thanks for dropping by and your wishes.

Karin H.

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