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Meta tags: for google ranking or for prospects?

A good friend of mine - who's website I transferred to a typepad (blog) platform (aff) so he can manage it for himself without having to wait until his original webdesigner finds time to make additions, change offers, add AWeber forms etc - asked me this week what he was supposed to do with a list of meta tags (meta name) he apparently was entitled of when he purchased a listing on a business directory.  "Meta tag insertion for your website" it was called.

Now, meta tags are rather standard issues for any website and can be a great help in listing your website on the search results of any search engine. But....
There are various types of meta tags: title, keywords and the description the main ones. And there IMHO was were things went wrong with this so-called professional service in trying to help my friend get a better and higher listing on the search results. All suggested meta tags were filed with keywords and a very long list with that.
Very nice for Google spiders, but for your prospects? The ones you are trying so hard to pursued to click on the link of your website when it does end up high in the search results.

Meta name keywords should indeed contain the most appropriate key words your prospect is searching for, in his case water softeners, water dispensers, Ashford water softners etc. These do 'trigger' the search engines in a good way.

Meta name title however are the words that show up in bold and linked as the first line of your listing on the search results. Your 'headline' so to say.
This was the 'title' the professionals suggested:
Water Softeners Ashford UK-Water Dispenser Ashford UK-Water Purifiers Ashford UK-Water Filters Ashford UK-Water Filter Cartridges Ashford UK

Very inviting? Or would you be more attracted to this title (or headline):
Better Water Solutions: How to Stop Hard Water damage in your home

Then the meta name description. When in doubt Google and other search engines list the description underneath the title in their search results. In fact, it should be an immediate first marketing message for your prospect.
Like on my friend's site:
Now you can make Genuine Cash Savings on:
Energy - Water heating costs - Plumbing repairs - Cleaning Chemicals, Soap and Detergents and Shampoo.
Enjoy the benefits and pure luxury of beautifully soft water in your own home now with Betterwatersolutions Kent

No, according to the professionals it should read (and entice your prospect to visit your site over someone else's website):
Water Softeners Ashford UK, Water Dispenser Ashford UK, Water Purifiers Ashford UK, Water Filters Ashford UK, Water Filter Cartridges Ashford UK, etc etc etc - the whole list contains 20 'random' items

Hmm, I rather be an amateur who knows that ranking and high listing is one thing, enticing a searcher to enter your site (and then start browsing there, contacting you for information, buying from you etc because your whole website content is a streamlined proper customer based marketing exercise) is another and far more important thing.

Where does your marketing start? Only on your website or already on the search results?




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