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The Quest for 'Glote Gliebels'

I'm sure you do it too. Whenever you have a discussion and you can't find the exact answer, the correct memory or link to the past nowadays your reactions/solutions is: oh, we just google on it, shall we?

Everything is 'on google', a million websites, a trillion words and key-phrases. You can find everything online nowadays to the tiniest part of the longest tail. Every search you do on one of the search-engines will bring you at least 5 to xx million relevant hits: pages, articles, PDF-files, forum-topics, blog-posts. We live in the online information age, the old encyclopedias are gathering dust in attics all over the world.  Everything is online nowadays.

At least, that's what we've come to expect: oh, we just google on it will bring us the answer: every single time.
So, imagine my surprise yesterday when, after both my partner and I had racked our brains for hours to remember who in the 70's or 80's always uttered the words: "Glote Gliebels" (Dutch/Chinese translation by a popular Dutch actor portraying a typical Chinese character: pointed hat, long black moustache, hand folded in wide sleeves of his 'kimono' and unable to pronounce the letter R) First we couldn't think of the name of the actor, until my partner's memory kicked in: Ton van Duinhoven (or Duynhoven). I tend to agree with this by lack of a better memory of it. The funny thing is, I can see this character doing its 'thing' Glote Gliebels in my head.

What we both couldn't remember was in which popular television program our 'Chinese' had a regular appearance. (Yeah, we both passed the 45 mark ;-)). So, we just google on it, not?

No such luck: not one mentioning of Glote Gliebels (google did threw up two links: both to a PDF-file of the script for an amateur play), but nothing else. Search results on the name Ton van Duynhoven (Duinhoven) brought a very limited list - including two YouTube broadcasts. But nowhere can we find/check if we are right: were the words 'Glote Gliebels' uttered by this actor/singer and in which Dutch television program?

So, the quest is on: anyone?

Funny, not? How we come to rely on the search-engines and therefore the internet to bring us every piece of information we 'need,. Or as Ann Michael of Manage to Change just wrote: In Google we trust. (And missed a lunch-appointment).

I'm sure you have the same: I can't stand not finding out ;-)


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