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Are you leaving the back door open too?

Every day I check my webstatistics to see what's happening on my sites (blogs and business website). Thanks to Statcounter you can discover many 'habits' of your visitors, like where they came from, what key phrases they used to end up on your site, how long they stayed on your site and which pages they read etc.

One of the great features of Statcounter can be found in the 'visitors path' - it shows loads of details including the link to the search result page where my visitors came from. I like to check these to see how high (or low) our business site (or blogs) were listed.

Now, today I made a rather mind-boggling discovery. Some one had ended up on one of my 'Why Confirm' pages on the 1 plus 1 makes 3 dynamic website (aka blog) - the page where someone normally only ends up after paying for the program I offer on there (still a work in progress). It tells my buyer an email with download instructions is on its way to their inbox, nothing else.
This visitor had come from Alexa and had search for the following phrase:
"download thank you for your purchase"

Free After I clicked the link to the actual search results on Alexa I was truly amazed how many results on my visitor search brought him or her free material: most of these hits end up on the actual - not password protected - download page, where you are thanked for your purchase!
If I had wanted I could have gotten a tremendous amount of PDF's, software programs, recordings, training courses etc etc for FREE!

Amazingly how most E-commerce sites forget to close the back door! At least password protect your download page and email your buyer the link and password.
Funnily enough many of the 'FREE' downloads were about making money online ;-) - not in the way they do it, they are all 'leaking money' through their back door.

Have you closed your back door?


Richard McLaughlin

Dare I say that I hit the Stumbleupon "thumbs up" button when I am on some of those download pages?

Karin H.

Are you really? Well, hope you have closed that back door immediately before you 'stumbled' ;-)

Karin H.

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