What's your accountant up to?
Why don't I hear from them?

New online home-study program launched

Our own business - Wood You Like, natural wooden flooring - has been using a blog platform (Typepad) for many years now (3 years to be exact). It is an integrated part of our whole web presence, is interactive, scores very high on the Google search results and is very simple to manage.
The 'fixed' pages feature enables you to create a 'standard' (or static) business website on Typepad's blog platform too!

On dynamic website number (aka blog) number 7: 1 Plus 1 Makes 3, where combined expertise gives you triple value I just announced the launch of The Practical Typepad Guide.

Read more there about how you can use a blog platform as business website which helps you grow your business in a practical and simple way. A very effective web presence any (small) business owner or marketing manager can set up within hours!


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