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Oops, missed a birthday - mine!

Last Saturday I should have written a very special blog post - the Kiss2 blog 2 years old - eh, young!
But I completely forgot! ! !
Main reason: that day we welcomed 6 couples in our showroom and some of them even had to queue - all 6 left with a handwritten quote (on our standard 'on-the-spot' quote form listing all the benefits of why they should buy from us) and already 1 quote has turned into an order.
All 6 also left with our very cute marketing gift: a keyring with two wooden white clogs with our company proudly stating: Wood You Like.
(And of course they like wood ;-))

And the rest of this week has been rather hectic too - nice hectic that is. I'm sure my blog will forgive this oversight - it was not intentional, honestly not!

So, happy (belated) birthday dear Kiss2 blog and hopefully many happy returns of the day:




Happy (late) birthday!

Regards, John


Happy Birthday !

Karin H.

Thank you, thank you ;-)

Karin H

Robert Hruzek

So glad to have been a part of something wonderful and growing, Karen! Happy Birthday to Kiss2!


Karin H.

Hi Bobert ;-)

Thanks. Plan is definitely to keep growing (not in size but knowledge though)

karIn H.

Kent Blumberg

Happy Birthday.

You gave me a great present more than a year ago - you suggested I join BNI. Wish I could think of a present now that would be as useful to you.


Karin H.

Hi Kent

LOL, and I left BNI beginning this year - but with a huge amount of good friends still in the BNI-folder. The contacts you make there will be with you for most of your business life, I've found.

Karin H.

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