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New online home-study program launched

What's your accountant up to?

Mine is giving a talk during Paul Gorman's (business and marketing genius, who once more comes out of retirement) 2 days workshop - today and tomorrow:
Enough's enough - Economic Crisis Moneymaking and Business-Building Event. (And all 120 seats have gone very rapidly for this event.)

From the invite, only sent out to subscribers of his blog-site LeaveThemInTheDust:

Paul developed powerful and quick-acting marketing methods that not only protect and make business immune to downturn, but able to prosper and thrive more so than in 'normal' economic periods.

The reason this is possible is that customers -- and competitors -- are on edge. Everything is sharper than it normally is. Everyone is more acutely aware of money, alternative brands, products or services, alternative suppliers.
They are on the look out. They are searching for better value, longer-sustaining worth, and greater result from every pound they spend or invest.

This sharper environment is a gift from the gods to any business owner who is able to ethically provide to those sharper customers.

The moment you make yourself visible to the market place by putting out sharper marketing messaging, more descriptive explanations and illustrations about why you and what you sell is the only logical choice, and how you provide greater value -- in tangible ways the customer takes home and benefits by day after day -- then you win a greater percentage customers who wish to buy now.

My accountant will not only introduce Paul Gorman to over 120 budding entrepreneurs, he will also talk to them about his own favourite subject: "What a proper accountant can do for you".

Richard Calderwood FCA - Burns Waring Chartered Accountants and Business Consultants And believe me, if you have the fortune to work with one of the most pro-active accountants around you know that sustainable growth is in the books for everyone willing to listen and implement his sound advice. We did and still do and therefore are in good shape. Most of you know we are in a housing market related business, a small business with a small showroom in rural Kent, but we are absolutely in good 'nick'.

My accountant is an asset to our business, is yours?
Or is yours one of those old-fashion bean-counters: his hand hovering over a 'clock' to start the meter running when you're on the phone to him  - his invoicing "meter" that is, not the pro-active "giving you better, smarter ideas on how to sustain your business during these more difficult times" meter.

You can find out easily if you too have an accountant who is a true asset for your business, helping you grow or one who is not.
Answer a simple 14 question quiz (How to Choose Your Accountant) and receive a free 10 pages long report from - who else - my accountant to find out now.


Richard Calderwood

Moring Karin.

It's Sunday - and I'm back from the seminar. Yes, the seats sold like hotcakes – but, importantly, the best thing about these seminars is that the attendees are there because they are positive and keen - hungry for help and advice - and what a BUZZ. Paul was on good form, the attendees were on good form, and it was a great meeting.

What you say in your post, about accountants not providing the right help to small and medium sized businesses, is sadly the 'norm'.

There were big businesses (five or six with turnovers exceeding 10 million), mainly mid-sized businesses, and a number of smaller businesses (under 250,000 turnover).

But virtually without exception they echoed the comments of one very experienced businessman who stood up and said "I've been in business over 30 years now and my accountant has never done this for me, ever - and, come Monday morning I'm going to find one who does".

And I hope he does.

But he might find it difficult as not all accountants really do understand the ‘mechanics’ of business, nor do many have the level of business skills and experience necessary to provide ‘business advice’ at the level desperately needed.

Businesses deserve much more than they are getting – especially as we head into difficult economic times – and, yes, changing accountant to someone who ‘understands’ could be the ‘defining moment’ – between winning and losing - for some business owners in their struggle, to not only survive but, to ride above the chaos and come out the other side a stronger and more profitable business.

And I hope your readers too take this on board also.


Karin H.

Morning to you too Richard

I bet you had a really good time! And as for that very experienced businessman: he doesn't have to look far I think. He must have your business card by now?

Times are difficult indeed, but who ever went into business because it's 'easy' must have realised early on that is absolutely never the case, no such thing as 'easy money'. But business life can be made easier when you have the right team at hand. And with team I included all those professional advisers with expert knowledge and passionate drive to help you grow.
(We have been fortunate to have a such a professional on board since the start of our business and our success is your success!)

Karin H.

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