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Calling a spade a spade

Recently I had a discussion with a professional web designer about this phenomenon 'blogs'. To be honest, it was not the first discussion I had on the subject and I'm pretty sure it won't be the last one too.

We were talking about SEO and attacking traffic to websites, specailly for small businesses. As always I mentioned that blog really stands for Better Listings On Google (thanks Kent ;-)). Now, I didn't expect to have to explain that to a professional web designer, but I had to. And I went on to tell him my preferred name for a blog: a dynamic and interactive web presence.

'Cos what is a web presence? In my humblest opinion it is any page, article and even notes that are present on the World Wide Web. No matter if that presence is created in Frontpage, Dreamweaver or on a blog platform. And I should know - I 'only' own 7 dynamic web presences, three Dreamweaver web presences and manage several (in both shapes) for others. And all can be found on the web (and end rather high on the search engine results I must say).

Mentioning my 7 'blogs' got his attention.

"Really? How many readers do you have? You see, that's the problem for too many small businesses who want to start a blog - they never can attract many readers, specially when they're not in the service industry. I tell them not to bother most of the time and to concentrate on a normal website or webshop."

No, I didn't see. I did see something else though - an 'old-fashion' perception of this phenomenon blogs.

Are the number of readers any blog attracts really important? Is that the only purpose some web professional web designers think a blog has?

Our own business blog - Wood You Like's FAQ & News site - attracts as much visitors as our main 'static' website, daily. Of course those visitors cross over to our main site or our webshop and vice versa: it is all part of our 'web - presence'.
Does this FAQ & News site have many 'readers' or RSS subscribers? Not according to Feedburner, 'only' 27 on average.
But that is not the purpose of this web presence created on a blog platform: it is created to have a simple and effective way to publish tips, advice, news and answer questions from visitors.

Of course, if many more small businesses would embrace this phenomenon of 'blogs' - the most simple, effective and self-manageable tool to create a web presence, what would be left for the professional web designer to do?

Spades_2My friend the web designer is still shaking his head I think, wondering why my meaning of a spade is different than his.

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