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Effective marketing = problem - solution - benefit

Don't you just love great and simple marketing examples? Those ones you really wish you had thought of yourself (or wish you could use the same for your own business?)

What is proper marketing in fact?

  • Knowing what problem your prospect/client has
  • Introducing your business' solution for that problem
  • Highlighting the main benefit of your solution for your prospect/client

Simple, not?

Effective, proper marketing goes one step further: it gets that message across in the most simple way.
How often do you receive long sales letters that indeed recognises one of the problems you might have (and which business hasn't problems or 'pains'), puts forward a solution for that problem (with a ongoing list of features etc) and ends with a promise of plenty benefits for you.
One of the problems most business owners have is: we're all pressed for time.

Having to read through a whole sales letter to find out exactly what the solution and those benefits are takes time (I know, there are some really good long sales letters out there that can capture your interest from the word go - but they are rare and more exception than rule, no matter how long or often you study everything from the copywriters-gang).

Last week I received a piece of proper and effective marketing it put a smile on my face and made me reach for the phone almost immediately. (And I did thought: how on earth can I turn this example into something for our own business, this is just so great and so simple!)

A half A4 rather sturdy postcard landed on the doormat. When I turned it over - the card had landed in such a way it showed the simple address label on the white card, no other markings, message or anything on that side - I was presented with a 'comic' strip of only three images:

  • The problem
  • The solutions
  • The benefit

(And a very clever hole at the top of the card with another call for action: Hang me up, you may need me soon)

(do click on the image to see the enlargement)

I took two actions: I called them to ask if they also solve a specific underfloor problem some of our clients have (removing that terrible tacky, sticky old fashion bitumen adhesive) - which they do - and pinned the card to a wall in our 'office' part of the showroom.
We might need it soon!

And of course the marketing department/marketing bureau (whoever they might be) receives my K.I.S.S.-award.



Tony Clarke

I've been a follower of Paul Gorman and his long letters and more recently Carol Bentley. I agree with you - everyone is too busy these days to make the time to read a long letter no matter how good it might. Secret for 'today' must be to deliver an easy to read concise to the point message. These guys have done just that - fantastic. I'm going to have a go at doing the same sort of thing.
Thanks for the info.

Mohammud Ally

I like the "hang me up.." but it's looks a bit too technical for me. Excuse my ignorance, what do they do for a living?
Could have done better with real photos.

Karin H.

Hi Tony

Since it arrived Ive been racking my brain to find a way to use it for our business too. I'm sure we will ;-)

Karin H.

Karin H.

Hi Mohammud

That's another thing they got right I think (well, I hope they did - no, I'm sure they did): targeting the right businesses with this marketing message: those companies - like ours - how have to install floor-coverings.
In our 'flooring' eyes these 'comics' have even more potential than real photos - crumbled or uneven underfloors never show up being as terrible as they really are on a picture (and we've tried!)

Karin H.

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