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Annual pre-Christmas break or annual work-holiday?

This is really starting to become a tradition: pre-Christmas break - a few days 'back-home' for annual family dinners and, since we're over there any way, visiting some of our suppliers.

That's what we will be doing this coming week: we're off to The Netherlands tomorrow (Friday 12 Dec) and back home in Charing Friday 19 Dec late afternoon. That's 8 whole days!

This time we even planned some site-seeing! (Wow, that really sounds like a real holiday ;-))

The weather forecast it cold, clear and sunny - hurray, more signs of a real holiday (the clear and sunny bit I mean). The only thing my partner allows me to take with me that vaguely relates to work is: a notebook and a pen ;-) (Oh, and my camera to take pictures in the Design Parquet factory of course).

Back soon - holiday days seem to fly even faster than normal days.


Robert Hruzek

Have a great vacation trip, Karin! And hey, maybe you'll find that missing pound somewhere on the beach... :-D

Karin H.

LOL Robert

Have to ask: what beach?!? - we'll be seeing trees (upright and transformed in floors) more likely - but I'll keep an eye out for that pound.
The way the pound it going it will have lost a lot of weight wandering about on its own ;-)

Karin H

Steve Roesler

Karin, safe travels on your pre-Christmas- work break -holiday- vendor visitation- family time...:-)

Karin H.

Safely back home again after a very productive and wonderful family-work lets just call it long overdue holiday ;-)

Karin H.

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