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The principle of IST

Most of yesterday I was 'free-wheeling', reading blogpost and comments (here and there). Two remarks got connected: I re-read a principle Liz Strauss mentioned - oh must be almost a year ago, and I followed a link from a comment Ricardo Bueno left here - oh must be almost a year ago - and landed on his latest post about what you do if a blogger doesn't reply to your comment.

The principle: IST = It's So Tiny.

So tiny, so small a thing to do:

  • replying to someone's comment on your own blog - after they have taken the time and effort to read and respond to your thoughts or asked you a question, how long does it really take to acknowledge their presence, answer their question and start a conversation?
  • returning that missed call left on your answering machine - after someone took the time and effort to contact your business with an enquiry, how long does it really take to acknowledge and appreciate the interest they might have in your product or service?
  • creating that special webpage (or fixed page on a blog) where new subscribers to your tips, newsletter or free leaflet end up on instead of AWeber's default page - after your website visitor, blog reader has given you his/her name and email address out of trust, how hard is it to make that simple effort so they can read in your own words what is going to happen next and start the conversation right there?
  • typing out a specified quote for a prospect that visited our showroom - after they drove all that way to see our products and already are on our newsletter list so we have their email address, how long does it take to fill that template in our CRM system with all materials needed specified so they don't have to guess what those handwritten scibbles on our "on-the-spot-quote" form really mean? - even I can't encipher my own handwriting after a day, let alone my prospects!

IST: It's so tiny.
A tiny effort which adds great value to the interaction, conversation, business building.

(So I spent the first hours of this sunny Sunday writing out those quotes and emailing them. Smiley2 )


Ricardo Bueno

Hey Karin,

I think you know where I stand on this one...I agree with you 100%! There's no excuse for letting something so simple fall off by the wayside.

Karin H

Hi Ricardo

Exactly. Especially important when you use a dynamic and interactive web-site (aka blog) to grow your business - communication is vital!

Karin H.

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