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Fulfilling the needs of the majority of your clients - at all costs (?)

(I'll leave it with you to use the brackets around the question mark or to remove them: you'll have to decide for yourself if for you it is a statement or a question after reading our observation below.)

Smoking_ban Like the UK and other European countries The Dutch government introduced (since July 08) a smoking ban in all public areas - apparently.
We - marketers - know and realise that those businesses who listen to the needs and wants of their clients are those businesses that will stay in business.

The Dutch population said no to the smoking ban: we will/can decide for ourselves how we want to live, knowing fully well the possible consequences of some of our 'vices'.
Pub owners (cafe and 'kroeg' owners) listened to their clients and en mass the smoking ban is ignored. Most pubs have 'piggy banks' on the counter where smokers are more than willing to 'donate' a small fee in exchange for an ash tray - to contribute to a possible fee the pub owner is facing when 'caught in the act of allowing clients to smoke inside -  civil disobedience at work.

If only UK pub-owners would do the same, then perhaps 70 public houses per week wouldn't go out of business.


Giovanna Garcia

For me what ever business you are, it is your job to service them. And if one finds that they can't service there clients then may be they should change the business they are in. And as always, no one can make everyone happy. So, yes, I think go with making the majority of your clients happy is the way to go.

Thank You,
Giovanna Garcia

Karin H.

Hi Giovanna

You're right on that you can't make everyone happy, the majority will have to do then. And it is my bet that if you do so, that majority will only grow ;-)

Karin H.

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