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The Quarterly mystery of the 3 pounds

Piggy bank with British pound notes Another 'regular' banking mystery turned up again yesterday: for the third time this year the "Advance Notification of Charges" our bank sends us every quarter shows:
4 credits paid in a £ 0.75 = £ 3.00

It has been over 18 months since I even visited a bank branch, cheques are paid in into another bank (one that doesn't charge for this), any moneys coming in to this 'full of mysteries' bank are either through PDQ machines (off line and online) or BAC's - never ever do we pay in cheques or cash over this bank's counter.

So, on the phone again - as I did twice before, yes I know, I am a penny pincher! - and after waiting for around 3 - 4 minutes the person at the other end of the line first questioned me about paying in cheques or cash etc over the counter, then mentioned something about perhaps it being refunds that were listed in their system as 'Credits Paid In'. I was told - as I've been twice before - the local bank manager would have to look in to it and I would be contacted again.

The first time - 6 months ago - I questioned the mysteries £ 3.00 charge I was never called back, the second time - three months ago - the £ 3.00 were credited to our account without any explanation and now I'm still waiting for a reply.

Think this time I better follow up with a letter, too many mysteries happening. And if anything, the mysteries are very constant! I'm now also wondering if the 'wandering' pound every month has anything to do with it? When it comes back home safely does it have to pay a fee to enter 'home' again? Mysterious!

Anyway, Merry Christmas and a Happy and prosperous New Year!



At least you're keeping track of your money (I see it as a virtue) and you have your 3pounds back!

I once wrote to my local bank asking if they've received my cheque (from USA). They never replied. The next thing I know my money is in my account safely. I never bothered to ask why they ignored me though. My mum would have kicked up a fuss if the cheque was hers!

Karin H.

Hi Kelly!

My partner sees it as fussiness and penny-pinching instead of a virtue ;-) - I blame it on being a double Capricorn and a bookkeeper!

I tend to chase everything when I'm not sure what the costs are for - why pay wealthy banks more than their due? (Would be very helpful if they would just list the items we so-called 'paid-in', that would save me calling them on an expensive phone number too)

Thanks for dropping by, Kelly and a Happy and Prosperous New Year to you.

Karin H

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